Apply to be an agency

Do you want to a verified editor/agency on Wikitia?

Team at Wikitia is always looking for verified agency/editors to contribute valuable and informative articles for our avid readers. A few things to note

  •  Our readers want originality (it should pass plagiarism). We will not accept content that has already been published online or offline.
  • The content must be verifiable
  • Media files such as photos and audios can’t be added without appropriate copyrights
We have a fee of $2,000 for verified editors and agency. There is also a fee for per page publication on Wikitia.


Steps to become verified editor

Our team will schedule a meeting you with before becoming verified agency or editor on Wikitia.

You need to pay an upfront non refundable fee of $200 for scheduling a meeting with us. If you become a verified editor/agency,  you will be asked to pay $1,800. 

Below is the Paypal button to pay and get started.